Magic Number101Magic Number of EA Trades
Currency PairXAUUSDDefault currency trading distance (XAUUSD=20 USD=8 BTC=4000)
Multiplier1.2Multiplier of next Trade
Distance20Distance to Next Trade and Take Profit
Drawdown Protection Start6The trade number where the risk reduction software enables
Entry within RSI/Bollinger BandstrueOnly enter trade when RSI is 25-75 and within Bollinger Bands
Trend TimeframeH1Which Timeframe the Trend is to be based on
Trailing Stop0.0Enables Trailing Stop once Take Profit is hit
Exit Strategy Enable falseClose Trades that are not in Trend
Drawdown Chart % Close100Depending on Account Balance
Drawdown Chart Money500Depending on Account Balance
Money ManagementfalseEnable/Disable Money Management
MMmultiplier5000Money Management multiplier per starting lot
Starting Lot0.01Starting Lot
Max Lots10Max lots open on all charts
PauseBeforeNews240Time before news not to open a new trade series
PauseAfterNews120Time after news not to open a new trade series